Games From Spain News Recap: 10-17 May, 2024

Games From Spain News Recap: 10-17 May, 2024

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Another week comes to an end, and we’re back to bring you the latest on the Spanish video game industry. We’ll be covering, as usual, upcoming events and releases, and any news about the companies that make up our incredible business network. Keep your eyes wide open, as this is the best place for finding exciting investment opportunities and, why not, new indie gems to enjoy this weekend. Let’s begin, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks! 

First of all, we must congratulate American Arcadia for having qualified as a finalist in Best Original IP category of the Develop:Star Awards 2024 by Develop:Brighton. The title developed by Out of the Blue Games will compete against Balatro, Viewfinder, Jusant and Dave The Diver. Recently, it also was a finalist in the A.MAZE Awards.

Industry and events

Truth, Lies & Democracy Jam, taking place in the city of Barcelona until May 19th, has just started. This activist game jam is aimed at mobilizing the European gaming community to combat fake news in spite of a better democracy. Of all the teams that applied with a game idea, three Spanish and four international teams have been selected to join. Renowned professionals from gaming, technology, politics, and communication will provide talks and mentorship.

Truth, Lies & Democracy is curated by ArsGames and María Luján Oulton, with the support of local and international partners such as Gameloft BCN, GameBCN, IndieDevDay, DeviCat, Nimble Giant Entertainment, ENTI-UB, CITM-UPC, UPF, ENTI-UB, Fundación, and Verificat. Follow its official livestream starting at 6 PM CEST on YouTube.

Truth, Lies and Democracy Jam takes place in Barcelona on May 17-19.

But wait, there’s more to do in Barcelona this weekend! Say hi to RetroBarcelona, a legendary fair focused on retro hardware and software both for industry members and fans alike. In addition to the classics, there will be a ton of new indie games to try. Pay them a visit if you happen to be around Hospitalet de Llobregat!

And 350 kilometres south of these wonderful events, in Valencia, a new edition of the Valencia Indie Summit is taking place. This international event started yesterday and will run until tomorrow, with activities for developers, a networking area, and its own awards gala. This year, illustrious figures such as Shuhei Yoshida (Head of Indies at PlayStation), Chris Charla (ID@Xbox) and Shin Imai (IGN Japan journalist) are part of the jury. Learn more on their website.

Game releases and announcements

Endless Replayability Fest is live on Steam until May 20, featuring upcoming releases such as Eko and the Bewitched Lands (Twin Studios, coming on Q4 2024) and A Way To The Stars (Lucid Play), as well as old acquaintances One Military Camp (Abylight Barcelona), King Lucas (Devilish Games) and more!

Endless Replayability Fest is taking place on Steam this week, until May 20!

Two years ago, Postmodern Adventures gifted us Nightmare Frames, a true homage to old-school point-and-click detective adventures like the Gabriel Knight series and Kathy Rain. They planned to return last Wednesday with An English Haunting, a terrifying new mystery to be solved in early 20th century England. Unfortunately, the Steam version has been delayed due to the platform’s verification process. In the meantime, it is available on!

Spiritualism has become fashionable among London’s high society. In the midst of this madness, Professor Patrick Moore faces the challenge of having to prove the existence of the Great Beyond in less than 72 hours to avoid the closure of his research department. This journey against the clock will take him, along with a fake medium, to the most famous haunted mansion in England.

Solo dev Jordi Milian, ex-member of Herobeat Studios (Endling), shared a new gameplay trailer for this twin-stick melee fighting game A Tiny Eternity. Players will be forced to defend their lives against waves of dangerous, bloodthirsty gladiators — will they discover what lies behind this deadly underground coliseum?

Last but not leastPC Futbol 8, the football management simulator planned for release today, just got delayed to June 7, 2024.

PC Futbol 8 will release on June

And so we reach the end of today’s update. Remember to follow us on X (social links down below) to receive daily news on the Spanish games industry, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive our monthly recaps. A new one will be coming up by late May.

See you next week!

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