Games From Spain News Recap: 17-24 May, 2024

Games From Spain News Recap: 17-24 May, 2024

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Another week ends and we’re get closer to the end of May — here in Spain, we can almost feel the summer already! The streets are crowded with people in short sleeves, the sun heats the streets like an oven and, let’s be honest, we rather stay at home discovering what’s new in our favourite consoles. Preferably with a cold drink in hand. 

And guess what… We got you covered! These weeks leading up to Steam Next Fest and Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest are usually pretty quiet. Still, there’s no shortage of indie teams that decide to release their game before the whirlwind of announcements and demos begins.

Industry and events

Gatera Studio and Cupula Studio organize Digital Meld Barcelona, an afterwork networking space for game industry professionals. It’s planned to take place at Arya Stadium Hotel from 18:30h. to 22h. Places are limited, so to attend you must register here.

Digital Meld Barcelona is a networking event for game industry professionals that will take place on June 6, 2024

Game releases and announcements

Retro games take off this new update of the weekly News Recap! Firstly, here comes a title we mentioned a few days ago on socials, because its creator is one of the most beloved game developers in Spain. UnEpic Fran’s Pampas & Selene, the spiritual successor of The Maze of Galious, was released on May 21. It arrives on Steam as a self-published game after being released as a physical edition for MSX computers. Also, it’s planned to arrive on Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Learn more on the developer’s success story and check the game on Steam.

An English Haunting, a pixelated mystery game set in the early 20th century, has finally arrived on Steam after a brief delay. After Nightmare Frames, Postmodern Adventures introduces us to a time when English high society was obsessed with the occult. While the rich play Ouija at home, Professor Patrick Moore puts his job on the line to prove the existence of the Great Beyond. This challenge against the clock takes him, along with a fake medium, to the most famous haunted mansion in the country. Check its launch trailer!

Switching genres a bit, Superlumen (Desolatium) just announced their new game together with SOEDESCO. It’s Magical Bakery, a cozy management game where players will inherit a very special pastry shop. But, of course, they won’t just sell food! They will look for the best solutions to customers’ problems with some magic sprinkles here and there. Doesn’t it sound like a great game to relax on weekends?

Magical Bakery will be released on Steam, the Epic Games Store and PS5.

The wacky and fun party game Bread and Fred, by Sand Castles Studio, has arrived on Nintendo Switch. Play as two adorable penguins and team up to make it to the top of a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm. There’s a beautiful view waiting for you up there!

But not everything is bursting with colour this week — what if you’re one of those who enjoy… being scared? NoxNoctis Games, the studio behind the survival horror game Do Not Open, bring us their new VR experience Ovrdark. In this terrifying journey, players will delve into the depths of a sinister mansion in search of their former friend, who seems to have turned into a supernatural menace. Ovrdark is now available on PlayStation and Steam.

For a better experience, turn the lights off before playing the teaser.

A new update for Ereban: Shadow Legacy (Baby Robot Games) will arrive next week, and it will feature its compatibility with Steam Deck.

Backers wanted!

Last but no tleast, you’ve probably heard of the Fallas, right? Every year, different Valencian artists create wonderful themed sculptures that are burnt during the last night of these festivities. Developer Jorge Soria wanted to explore what would happen if a ninot came to life and knew the fate that awaited him. And so Ninots’ Wrath was born!

If you liked the films Toy Story and Small Soldiers, don’t miss this curious idea on Kickstarter.

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See you next week!

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