Games From Spain News Recap: 19-26 April, 2024

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We hope you are getting the most out of the database and all the features we told you about in our previous entry. Gamescom is only a few months away and we’re certainly here to help you meet key players in our industry, as well as emerging talents, in preparation for your meetings with potential business partners. But for now, let’s focus on the present day. Some interesting Spanish games have been released or announced in the past few days, and there are others to come out today. Also…

Industry and events

A new gaming congress has born! MAD GAMES SHOW, organized by AEVI and Indie Dev Day, will take place in Madrid on June 14 and 15, 2024. The event will feature conferences and workshops for developers, and there will be space for networking through the Investment Summit initiative. Studios and publishers can request their stands right here.

Game releases and announcements

Thursday, April 25th

Can you imagine what kind of mysterious worlds are hidden right under your feet? Trigger The Monster and Firenut Games invite you to find out in Search of Light, a new exploration and base-building adventure now on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Step into the shoes of an underground dweller and fight for your survival as you make your way to the surface to discover the secrets of the outside world. The further you go, the more powerful you will become…. but you will also encounter new formidable enemies ready to crush you. Stay alert!

Depending on the game, things may get ugly on the surface as well. The protagonist of Teared, the new side-scroller action platformer by Juan-Mod and Jandusoft, can tell!

This Souls-like world will pit you against terrifying enemies such as undead knights, skeletons, giant spiders and even dragons, as well as 9 colossal bosses that will show no mercy. In short, it’s not going to be a walk in the park but more like dancing on the edge of a cliff.

Friday, April 26th

Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok is finally leaving the early access stage to release its version 1.0!

In this bullet-hell roguelite by Noxfall Studios, players will make their way through the realms of Nordic mythology fighting dangerous hordes of creatures. There are ten unlockable characters, each with their own class and unique skills.

The first-person horror game Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets, by TonyDevGame, is here to offer you a roller coaster of emotions. And occasional heart attacks. Good thinking, stay away from this game if you’re afraid of circuses and amusement parks.

Embody the supernatural investigator Jack Holmes as he searches for the truth behind a series of macabre experiments performed on children. Prepare to fight the living puppets that will get in your way, or run away to survive until the dawn.

Backers wanted!

Heads up, RPG fans! The turn-based fantasy game Runa released its Kickstarter campaign last Friday, and it looks like it got funded in just 18 hours. They’ve now surpassed 370% of their initial goal thanks to nearly 3,000 backers. And there are still 21 days left…

Runa follows a colorful group of adventurers in a world full of magic and unknown ancient technology. Each of these characters will craft their destinies as they explore new locations and unravel the mysteries of Akasha. Combat aside, players will enjoy tons of puzzle-solving challenges and a complete dating system with more than 15 romance options.

Learn more about the project on Fennec Studio’s Kickstarter page and X profile. Also, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam!

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