Games From Spain News Recap: 17-24 May, 2024

Spanish Games Industry News Recap 24-31 May, 2024

It’s Friday at last, dear reader!

Here’s another weekly report with the most important events and releases happening in the Spanish games industry. Although we had a rather quiet few days, it seems that developers are really busy gearing up for the upcoming events. Summer Games Fest is just a week away, and the Steam demo fest will arrive on June 10th. There will also be no shortage of game releases around these days, as we will be detailing in our next posts.

As for now, let’s focus on the wonderful titles that have been launched, or announced, between May 24th and 31st.

Game releases and announcements

Jandusoft returns as a developer with Scholar’s Mate, a first-person survival horror game that pushes you to explore a gloomy psychiatric hospital. Judith, the protagonist, wakes up there in the middle of the night, at the mercy of a sinister individual named Eddie. Intelligence and agility will be her best weapons to survive. It is up to the players to discover what he wants from Judith.

Devilish Games revealed their new publishing project Nimbusfall a little time ago. But this 2D pixel-art platformer game wasn’t their last surprise! On Tuesday, the studio announced Insectum: Epic Battles of Bugs, a new IP  in partnership with dollmaker company Famosa.

Insectum is a card-battler game where players lead their insects on the battlefield against many types of enemies, from bees to giant scorpions. Every level holds a new challenge, as these bugs will face unforeseen dangers as birds, carnivore plants and different natural phenomena. To face such a wide range of menaces and succeed, players must train and gather special objects to improve the army stats. Also, they can learn a lot by challenging other players in PVP mode.

Stick To The Plan (Dead Pixel Tales) arrives on Nintendo Switch. This charming puzzle game tells the story of Roberto, a dog that wants to explore the world in search of the longest stick ever seen. Each stage is riddled with obstacles that will make it difficult for Roberto to get the stick of his dreams. Players must find the best path to freely move with the cane and make the little dog happy. There are 70 levels to complete!

Another release coming to Nintendo’s console is Mezmeratu, a roguelite platformer by Celery Emblem. The creators of Baobabs Mausoleum are back with their unusual surreal style and a story you won’t forget easily. Here’s your chance to get familiar with their creepy vibes before the launch of Tamarindo’s Freaking Dinner, coming next week.

We can now enjoy the demo of Camper Van: Make It Home, the cozy camping game by Malapata Studio. It’s available on Steam from yesterday until 6 June thanks to the Cozy & Family Friendly fest.

In Camper Van, players are left in charge of an old caravan with the mission of converting it into a warm and homely space. They will be able to decorate the interior and place different elements by means of organisation puzzles. Step by step, they will discover the story of the protagonist. Don’t miss it!

And so we reach the end of today’s update. Remember to follow us on X (social links down below) to receive daily news on the Spanish games industry, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive our monthly recaps — another one is coming out later today.

See you next week!

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