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Guadalindie was the perfect kick-off for a key season for Spanish indie developers. This trade fair held in Malaga was a very complete event in terms of talks and workshops, but it was also full of incredible upcoming projects that nobody should miss. Although Games From Spain did not officially attend, part of the team was there and tried out some of these wonderful titles. Here we bring some of our favorites so you can investigate them a little more on your own.

Tales from Candleforth (Under The Bed Games)

It was mandatory to start the list with this mystery point-and-click adventure. Tales from Candleforth is the story of a 16-year-old girl who suddenly discovers her inherited powers. Step by step, Sarah will descend a staircase into a world of occultism and horror that will uncover many secrets about the women in her family. Its visual style, so reminiscent of a classic fairytale illustration, will be familiar to you if you enjoyed games like Creepy Tale and The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

The game was released on April 30, 2024 and it passed the 2.500 copies sold in the first week.ย 

Pineapple: A Bittersweet Revenge (Patrones y Escondites)

From creators of Unmemory and Delete After Reading, here comes a story of retribution starring a kid fed up with bullying. A girl at school is making his life miserable, so he decides to come up with a master prank to put a drastic end to it โ€” he will strategically place pineapples in the bully’s most unexpected and intimate spaces, scaring her away until she learns the lesson.

Its cartoonish art style, which imitates a child’s drawing, helps to put you in the protagonist’s shoes. In terms of gameplay, it is an intuitive title that mixes reading, stealth and puzzle solving. It lacks the narrative complexity of the studio’s previous games, but makes up for it with an absorbing and relatable story that many more people will be able to enjoy.

Vegangasters (Poison Pill Games)

Make way for the toughest detective in Tubercle City. In this deckbuilding roguelike game, players will make their way through the most dangerous ghettos with private eye Patt Atita to fight first-level criminals. Thereโ€™s only one way to obtain new evidence to convict them all… and violence it is!

Define your playstyle through one of the three initial builds and customize your deck as the story unfolds. As Patt, players will jump into turn-based battles where speed marks who strikes first. Youโ€™ll face danger alone, so mastering the timing of enemy actions is key to winning the fight. But there’s more to it than just combat. Random events will happen across the city and some answers could get you hurt. Also, there will be chances to interrogate citizens about their relation with vegangsters.

Try the demo now available on Steam!

Panik (Chumas Games)

Keep calm, itโ€™s just an isometric puzzle gameโ€ฆ Or maybe not? Become the leader of a small group of characters and lead them to the goal cells using their special skills. You are the only one who can move freely, as the movements of the others are limited. If they run out, they will panic. If everybody panics, you lose.

The Great Farce (Auxilio Games)

This non-linear investigation game doesn’t have a Steam page yet, but it certainly deserves recognition for its extraordinary premise. Rarely do we find games set in the Spanish Transition, and even less so if they deal with political crimes.

The Great Farce transports us to the reality of a woman who has just lost her husband in a mysterious incident. His burned corpse in a car, as well as the behaviour of the police, indicate that there is more than meets the eye. Knowing that something is amiss, the widow decides to find out for herself what dark motivations led to the murder.

As each action is time-consuming, players will have to decide their actions carefully. Their choices will directly affect the outcome of the investigation and its consequences for the woman.

The Great Farce, a pont-and-click adventure in development by Auxilio Games

Prelude Dark Pain (QuickFire Games)

Fire Emblem meets Darkest Dungeon in this tactical RPG set in a dark fantasy universe. As a blacksmith named Soren, youโ€™ll guide a group of heroes in a crusade against the Order of the Ash Crusade, the evil that has afflicted their reality for generations.

The result of each fight, as well as the choices taken out of combat, will determine the future of the whole world. Send your allies on escort or espionage missions, master diplomacy, search for useful resources and much more. Consequences might be immediate, while others will take years to show up.

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