The story of  GENESIS unfolds during the period of 1945 to 1952 with the advance and consolidation of the factions, before of our previous game 1971 PROJECT HELIOS. GENESIS – Project Helios  is a Turn-Based Strategy/RPG game which mixes modern war military tactics with close quarter combat. Firearms and military vehicles are scarce, forcing players to plan their moves meticulously to meet the requirements for each battle. During the game, the user needs to manage the faction’s economy, military development and political and personal decisions in order to win. Every turn you may decide to invest in more growth for your settlement, increase your army or improve your abilities. The Fulgor is currently used as the main source of energy in the surviving societies, and has helped them survive the nuclear Winter. This substance generates heat in the settlements, is used to make weapons or equipment, and is even consumed to survive the cold outside. The game has a Campaign mode & Multiplayer/Online where you can take control of one of the four factions, change and build your own History. FORMAT: PS5 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox Series X/S / Steam / GOG

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