April 20, 1945. After six years of war and devastation that have claimed 70 million souls, the Third Reich is about to fall at the hands of the crusade of freedom fighters led by the Allied powers. Still to come is the final act that will unmask a secret war between good and evil being waged in the shadows. With time against them, the OSS has decided to send its best dog of prey on a suicide mission. Polish resistance lieutenant Józef «Joe» Kowalski is a man haunted by the ghosts of his past, who will wage his own war to settle accounts with those who took everything from him.   The goal? To locate and eliminate the main hierarchs of a fallen empire before they flee from justice. An epic chase that will take us through a dark and desecrated abbey that hides an ancient and dark power; we will cross a ruined Berlin infested by enemies possessed by a strange force; we will descend into the depths of the dark tunnels of the subway; we will take a dangerous walk on the rooftops; we will take the Government building placing the flag of freedom on its top; we will sabotage the fortified bridge and finally we will infiltrate the wolf’s lair where a final duel will take place on whose outcome the fate of the world will depend.   The mission begins!

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