Games From Spain News Recap: May 31 – June 7, 2024

Spanish Games Industry News Roundup: May 31 - June 7, 2024.

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Here we are to bring some order amidst the increasing flow of gaming news that has been taking place since last week. It’s a special time both as players and members of the industry. Despite the worrying situation we have been living in for about a year and a half, there is always room for excitement and hope.

But before we get down to business, did you notice our new look? We wanted to freshen up our style a bit, and the change of month was the perfect time. Now that we’ve combined the orange tones of the Games From Spain brand, the cover image looks much more lively. Also, we hope you like the name change, Spanish Games Industry News Round-Up, and Bebas Neue as the main font. Let us know your thoughts in the comments of our social media posts.

Today’s a very diverse mix of announcements, upcoming events and things that happened recently. We’re sure that something will catch your eye. Shall we get started?


Industry and events

Bespoke Pixel, a game studio lead by ex-Ubisoft David Polfeldt, landed in Barcelona with a $25 million funding. Existince since August 2023, it’s made up of just 5 employees, but the team will soon expand with new profiles such as a systems designer, a CTO, a gameplay programmer, a world director and several artists.

According to the job descriptions on their website, Bespoke Pixel will develop an Unreal-based multiplayer title «with high emphasis on emergent experiences». As a quick reminder on his long career, Polfeldt part in popular games such as Far Cry 3, The Division, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Star Wars: Outlaws. He quit Ubisoft Massive in 2022 after 17 years of hard work for the French company.

All info on Bespoke Pixel can be found on their official website. We can’t wait to befriend them on Twitter!

David Poldfelt opens a new studio in Barcelona (Spain), named Bespoke Pixel.

Digital Sun has allied with Hooded Horse (Manor Lords, Terra Invicta) to publish Cataclismo, their first-ever real-time strategy tower defense game.

Cataclismo is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a strange phenomenon has substantially reduced the human population. The darkness is inhabited by dangerous creatures, so people have secluded themselves in small citadels in order to survive and progress. The player’s mission is to protect these enclaves, built on top of ancient manor castles, and improve the infrastructure. It’s planned for release by mid-July. In the meantime, you can play its official demo on Steam!


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, developed by Digital Legends, became a finalist for Apple Design Awards. It has been nominated as one of the most innovative mobile games developed recently. The final result will be announced next week during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2024.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, developed by Digital Legends, became a finalist for Apple Design Awards 2024.

The White Paper on Spanish Video Game Development 2023, an extensive report on the annual evolution of our games industry, will be released next week. This report not only presents economic and turnover data in relation to other countries, but also defines what our video game companies are like and in which areas of the country they tend to be based. In addition, the White Paper explores various aspects related to employment, job specialisation and diversity in recruitment.

The document will be available for download in Spanish and English from June 11, 2024. If you happen to be in Madrid that day, feel free to attend the presentation event.

New cover for the White Paper on Spanish Video Game Development 2023, by Rubén Calle (Ao Norte Games).

Just a day later, MalagaJam Weekend 18 will open its registration period. This summer edition is taking place in Malaga from July 26 to 28. For developers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to experiment with storytelling and learn how to use new tools. As usual, all games submitted will be available on for free.

Places are limited and, due to the high demand, tickets will be on sale in two rows — one at noon and the other at 8 pm.

Game releases and announcements

Detective – Minerva Case, a deduction adventure by Jandusoft and k148, is now available on Steam.

Players will be tasked with investigating a murder while dealing with Minerva, a new crime-solving AI that is about to revolutionize the world… or its creators say so. Find out everything you can about the victim, a well-known hacker wanted by justice, and his relation with Minerva and Lupa Corps.

Celery Emblem, the team behind Baobabs Mausoleum, is back with a new psychodelic adventure named Tamarindo’s Freaking Dinner, now available on Steam.

In this horror adventure, players become an unlucky delivery boy who’s trapped in Tagomago’s mansion by 7 cannibalish monsters. Featuring a time cycle system inspired by Majora’s Mask, there’s only 1h 45 minutes left until dinner time to learn their behaviors and find a way to kill them.

Quality assurance and testing company Lollipop Robot announced their participation in the console version of Dig or Die (Gaddy Games, Blitworks), a survival and crafting game now available on PlayStation and Xbox. As a representative of Craft & Co., you travel across the galaxy to sell automated fabrication tools. Now your spaceship crashed into a hostile planet, your only way to survive will be use the products you promote. Will they be good enough?

Deconstructeam teases a customizable tarot deck inspired by The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, their latest point-and-click witchy adventure. Each card can be personalised with vinyls that incorporate new elements to its original art, just like the ones Fortuna can use in the game.

New tarot deck inspired by The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, coming soon...?

Last but not least, we need to look back for a minute. The Games From Spain team does their best to bring you the most relevant news on game updates and announcements. Still, we fail sometimes! And last month, we missed the reveal of Monster Prom 4: Monster Con (Beautiful Glitch) — so here’s here an honourable mention to the fourth game of this beloved dating sim franchise.

It’s time to have fun! The young monsters you met in previous games will unleash their nerdiest side and try to find love at a pop culture convention. You can try on your own, or invite up to three friends via local or online multiplayer to achieve your goal together. Don’t miss the game’s unique reveal trailer!

As for the game presentations we’ve enjoyed this week, we’re happy to share that a few Spanish games were featured. Neon Blood (ChaoticBrain Studios, Meridiem Games) was featured in Best Indie Games Summer Showcase with a breathtaking animated trailer. Also, we enjoyed the new gameplay footage of Post Trauma (Red Soul Games, Raw Fury) at Guerrilla Collective. There are still many events to come over the next few days, so follow us on Twitter/X to be on top of all these announcements!

And so we reach the end of today’s update. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our monthly recaps — the next one will arrive on June 28.

See you next week!

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