Games From Spain News Recap: June 21 – 28, 2024

Games From Spain News Recap June 28 - 5 July, 2024

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We faced a fairly quiet week in terms of industry events and game releases. In a way, it seems to be the calm before the storm that will come next month. But that doesn’t mean we have little to say! Last Friday, the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) published its 2022 Video Games Industry Insight Report, which analyses the evolution of the European video game industry and offers a glimpse of the trends that could shape our market in the coming years. As active members of this international community, we are eager to analyse this data and put our own research into perspective.

Spain in the 2022 Video Games Industry Insight Report

According to EGDF:

1) Spain is the 5th European country with the highest revenue. In the period covered the Spanish industry generated €1,383 million.

We’re also the 5th country that created more new companies, behind Sweden, Germany, France and Poland. 8.4% of the studios set up in Europe, equivalent to 447 out of 5,300, are Spanish.

2) When it comes to games development, we’re proud to say that Spanish studios are extremely creative, innovative, and prolific. In 2022, our industry became the second biggest producer of video games in Europe — 193 of our companies launched 242 games on one or more platforms.

3) 10.7% of the total jobs of the European games industry are located in Spain. In absolute figures, there are 9,600 people shaping the future of videogame development in Spain. This makes us the fourth country with the highest employment rate behind Poland, France and Germany.

4) 26.4% of these 9,621 employees are women. This result puts us above the European average in gender inclusion, and has helped us climb to 5th position from the 7th one Spain held the previous year. Still, we know there’s a lot to do to create a games industry truly inclusive to all women (and dissident identities).

5) Finally, Spain is the 6th European country with more educational studies specialized in video games. The number of schools that offer degree and post-degree studies in subjects as varied as programming, game design, 2D/3D art, sound, production, translation, marketing and many others has increased in the last years, making Spain a bountiful fishing ground for talent for developers, publishing companies and outsourcing companies alike.

Crisol: Theater of Idols

More industry news

Antro, the rhythmic post-apocalyptic platformer by Gatera Studio, is coming to Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Epic Games Store from Selecta Play. Physical editions haven’t yet been announced, but it’s worth mentioning that Selecta has a lot of experience in this field.

A catastrophic event reduced humanity to 1% of the world population and condemned it to live underground. Beneath the ruins of Barcelona, the dwellers of Antro struggle to survive under a totalitarian government. Freedom of speech has been censored. Art and music, forbidden. As a result, a rebellion seems to be coming to life. Nittch and the players will be the spark that ignites everything.

Spain in the 2022 Video Games Industry Insight Report

Last week saw the release on Steam of the first-person platformer Parkour Labs (Entorno Virtual, SoyKhaler), which offers players a dream environment to practice this incredible sport. Players will enter a geometric landscape with vaporwave aesthetics to overcome various platforming challenges, each one more complex than the last.

Miniature farming game Tiny Garden reached its 5,000€ funding goal on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours. At this moment, Ao Norte has managed to raise funding of 15,879€, which means that several of its stretch goals (shiny vegetables, physical print and stickers) have been unlocked for backers.

Tiny Garden is planned for release on Steam (Deck version included) and Nintendo Switch. It will arrive with all its content translated into Galician, Spanish, English, German, French, Japanese, Russian and Simplified Chinese from launch day.

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