Games From Spain News Recap: June 14 – 21, 2024

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Yeah, we both know — last Friday we failed in our duty. There was no weekly update, but there’s a good reason behind it! Right after the Summer Game Fest, we entered Gamescom Mode. It means that we’re devoting much of our efforts to preparing ourselves for this wonderful celebration of video games, which is taking place this August as every year.

Is this affecting the regularity of our blog and YouTube activities? Hopefully, no. At least, no more than necessary. What you’ll notice is that we’ll start talking a lot about the convention, and the wonderful companies joining us this year! We’ll officially introduce them to you early next month, so stay tuned to our socials for any upcoming announcements in this regard.

Now, let’s put future aside and talk about what happened this very week. Carpe diem, is it? Certainly, we have a lot of news to enjoy and celebrate this week.

Industry and events

LevelUp Gam Dev Hub presented the new edition of their LevelUp Summer game jam, an online event taking place during the first week of July. Sign ups are open for everyone wanting to develop a game in Spanish, English or Catalan language, and there are money prices for the best games submitted. All projects will be publicly available on

LevelUp Game Jam Summer 2024

Game releases and announcements

Survival horror meets science fiction in The Beggar, the second installment of the Horror Tales series by Carlos Coronado and Jandusoft.

Here, players will explore the remains of a thriving civilisation tore apart after a catastrophic event. An evil creature will start hunting them down and, strange as it sounds, mastering the space-time bending will be key to kill it forever.

For those who love visual novels, a new indie gem by Perla Oculta has just released on Steam this week — Chromatic Memories is the name! Prepare to explore an alternate version of the Canary Islands in early 2000s as you investigate the life of Nayara, a painter of memories who seems to have erased her own. A demo is still available.

Sugamenia by Chuso Games is just a few hours away from launch! In this love letter to classic platformers, you’ll join Violet and her drone assistant Suichi in their first adventure across an hostile planet. Develop new skills, ask Suichi to help you find treasures with its extraordinary abilities and survive to find out the secrets hidden below the planet’s surface.

PlayStation Talents recently shared a new trailer for Radikal Fighters, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter developed by Saber Interactive Spain. Battle against other players on your own or recruit four friends to top the leaderboards in Battle Royale mode. Available on PlayStation on 27 June.

Creatures of Ava, the creature-saving adventure by Inverge Studios and Chibig, will arrive on PC and Xbox on August 7. Also, the game is planned to be available on Game Pass day one.

In Creatures of Ava, players will join a young nature explorer in her mission to stop “the withering”, an infection killing the inhabitants of Ava. Vic will discover more about this threat as she travels through each of the planet’s four ecosystems, each with its own fauna, flora and secrets. Their Steam Next Fest demo is still available to play this weekend — don’t miss out!

Just a day earlier, Eden Genesis will hit on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. The metroidvania game by Aeternum Studios was successfully kickstarted this May with a fund of €51,674.

Eden Genesis tells the story of Leah, a cyborg who faces an imminent death due to an illness caused by her cybernetic implants. Risking it all, she will fight the biggest tech conglomerate in the country to get the experimental treatment that might save her life. A dangerous road lies ahead for Leah, as the company will use every deterrent measure at its disposal. Including murder, if necessary. Play the demo on Steam and enjoy it’s anime visuals, widely inspired by Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

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