Games From Spain News Recap: 3-10 May, 2024

Games From Spain News Recap: 19-26 April, 2024

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The News Recap is back. You may have noticed that there was no update last week, and that’s because we were attending a new trade fair that took place in Malaga. We may have missed some interesting news, but don’t worry because at the end of May we will send you a newsletter with the highlights of the month.

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    Industry and events

    More than 2,500 people attended the first edition of Guadalindie, a new video games event held in Malaga during the 3rd-4th of May. International developers such as Daniel Mullins (Inscryption, Pony Island), Leigh Alexander (Reigns) and Daniel Benmergui (Storyteller) were featured in this conference, as well as renowned publishers such as Team17, Raw Fury and Devolver Digital.

    Guadalindie was a networking space aimed at improving relations between the indie community and encouraging new business deals, while at the same time allowing the general public to discover some interesting game proposals that will be coming soon. Don’t miss our top 6 games we enjoyed at Guadalindie.

    Logo Guadalindie, the new trade fair for Spanish indie developers

    Game releases and announcements

    The single-player family game Randy and Manilla arrives today on Steam as an Early Access game. Choose your hero to explore the quantum universe of Net-Cubes and save it from the evil Cracksom. This dominant virus is putting all the cyberworlds in danger of being permanently deleted, so he can expand his empire of computing corruption to the real world.

    Folk horror puzzle adventure Tales from Candleforth, released on April 30, passed the 2,500 copies sold in the first week.

    Here, players follow a teenage girl with supernatural abilities who must delve into a world of occultism and mystery to uncover the secrets of her family. Congratulations to Under The Bed Games for their success, we hope that many more players around the world will get hooked on Sarah’s dark story!

    In a similar vein, we congratulate Anaïs Salla because her debut game Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café surpassed 25,000 wishlists on Steam. This game puts players in charge of a café with all sorts of adorable customers. They can decorate it to their liking and design creative menus that will surprise regulars as well as new visitors. They can also make friends with all these characters.

    In partnership with Devilish Games, Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café will open its doors very soon on Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

    Co-op party game Welcome to Empyreum, by Tapioca Games, to arrive on PC this Summer. Players will team up to restore and spruce up the Empyreum Hotel, which, from dust and cobwebs to carnivorous plants, harbors all sorts of dangers. Don’t miss this family adventure for 4 players on Steam, Epic Games and GOG. Demo now available!

    The cyberpunk metroidvania Eden Genesis, from the creators of Aeterna Noctis, will feature pianist and arranger Elesky for the game soundtrack. Elena Loredo is known in the content creation scene for covering video game songs with her keyboard. Currently, she works for PlayStation as well.

    Elesky is known in the content creation scene for covering video game songs with her keyboard. Currently, she works for PlayStation as well.

    Backers wanted!

    Ao Norte’s Tiny Garden arrived on Kickstarter this week, you can now subscribe to its landing page in order to receive an update when the campaign is live.

    Tiny Garden is a miniature farm and puzzle game that draws a lot of inspiration from the toys of the 90s. In each box, players will manage their garden and will have a space that will serve as a house, with room to include customizable furniture.

    Tiny Garden is Ao Norte's debut game. This farming sim will arrive on PC via Steam, Epic Games and GOG.

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