Embark on an epic adventure to the mystical Isle of Kaikala with Kirm, a young mute destined to become a legend! In «A Rite from the Stars,» take control of Kirm and guide him through unique challenges as he faces a rite of passage to leave his childhood behind.

Explore the lush landscapes of the Isle of Kaikala, from the wildest jungles to the enigmatic Temple of Yesterday. Solve intricate puzzles, manipulate ancient machinery, and even play dodgeball against a coconut-throwing monkey!

Accompanied by his faithful Power Meerkat, Mirk, and his Guiding Star, Hoku, Kirm will venture into the paths of Wisdom, Valor, and Spirit, facing supernatural entities and challenging predetermined destinies.

With voices in Makoa and an original soundtrack of over two hours, immerse yourself in a unique experience where your decisions will determine Kirm’s fate. Will you be able to guide him to one of the six possible endings and secure his place as a legend among his tribe?

«A Rite from the Stars» awaits you. Will you accept the challenge?

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    PC Windows, XBOX X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch
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    Adventure, Narrative, Point and Click, Puzzle
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