Aragami 2 is a 3rd person stealth game in which you control a team of skilled warriors with the power to control the shadows. The player has a base of operations from which he takes on missions alone or with up to 2 other players online in cooperative gameplay. Completing key missions will make the story advance. Each scenario can be tackled in different ways, and the player may need to buy provisions and tools to use in the scenario. During a mission, the character will try to stay out of sight of the enemies that populate each level. The player can stay almost invisible in any shadow of the environment, and will also be able to teleport to the target location by using ‘focus’, a rechargeable resource. The main mechanics include the usage of a ‘teleport’ mechanic to traverse the scenario, the elimination of enemies by approaching them unnoticed, the creation of distractions using sound, and the usage of other Shadow Powers in a clever way.

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  • Platforms
    PC Windows, XONE, PS4, Switch
  • Genre
    Action, Stealth
  • PEGI
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