Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey is set in 1927. Aurora Aylesworth, a young 19-year-old astronomer sets out on a journey in order to find his father’s whereabouts. His father disappeared four years ago, while he was investigating the remains of a spaceship that fell on the Earth in 1908: Eureka. Yet Aurora will not be alone on her journey: she will be counting on the help of her faithful lackey, as well as her friends and other people that you will meet during her travels. She will, however, need to face the dangerous Brainless because, for some reason, it looks like they want to prevent Aurora from accomplishing her goal. In the game we will control Aurora while we travel through different regions and collect clues about her father: William. The Brainless, robots without conscience or intelligence that emerge from the ruins of Eureka, will try to stop Aurora. But she will be able to confront them thanks to the Copernicus, a revolver custom-made from parts of an old telescope by a mad scientist named Rachmaninoff.

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