Brega is a fighting card game based on the ancient and traditional canary sport:
Lucha Canaria. On this fighting sport, the fighters face the oponent, grab
their shorts and forces to move him to make him fall to the floor making no
damage on the opponent.

In a strategical battle of 12 fighters on each team, the players sequentially play 1 vs 1 on a
very technical sport until one of them falls two times and get eliminated. The first team with all fighters eliminated loses the game.

With a tabletop and our brand new card gameplay system the
players must find ways to combinate movements to perform the fighting

Using custom techniques called “mañas” the players will have to move, attack
and defend themselves to defeat all the fighters of the opponent team in order to be
recognized as the “Puntal”, the name of the best fighters on this sport discipline.

Currently on development and looking for investment and funding on this cultural project

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    PC Windows, iOS, Android
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    Card game