Manage the Chaos! Here comes the discotheque managing game where you’ll become the master of the night. In CHAOS MANAGER: DISCO GAME, you can buy all the nightclubs. Overcome customers with different characteristics, managing and building the right areas. Make people come to have fun, dance, jump, amuse and much more. Raise the fame of your discos, but… the more the popularity, the more the people will come. And too much people means… CHAOS! Clean, collect tickets, serve drinks, amuse customers, cheer them to dance, avoid riots… Do it. And do it fast or the night will be over. You must become the most popular manager. Each nightclub will be a new challenge. A race against time! Every night, a new chance to show what you’re worth. Become the best CHAOS MANAGER! CHAOS MANAGER: DISCO GAME is a free to download and play game. You can play with no connection, but for a better game experience, it’s recommended a network connection. Features – Build, build, build and upgrade outback your nightclub, depending on the customers needs in their cite. – Each zone has a lot of enhancements you can buy to make your nightclub managing easier. – Have a night time fun and smile with the comical animations of all characters. – Get over more than 50 nightclubs to get as many stars as you can outback. – Collect stars in each nightclub to unlock new cities in time, and more nightclubs. – Find the curious tributes and easter eggs hidden in the game time. – Get funk with Google Play Games achievements. – Have a cite with your firends to get more chaos coins. – Challenge your friends to be the best chaos manager, cite outback time. – Be the Kraken: You are released, be the Kraken of nightclubs of all times.

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    Casual, Management, Tower Defense
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