Get your pirate kit on and join us on an incredible adventure full of surprises. Sail the Caribbean Sea, explore the bottom of the sea and trek through the Jungle in search of treasure. On your journey you will meet surprising animals such as whales, dolphins, monkeys and giraffes as well as unforgettable fun characters like pirates, shipwreck survivors, genies and even… a ghost ship! Comomola Pirates has been created and designed for children and that’s why we’ve made it advert-free, paywall-free and easy to use. With just one finger, your child will uncover all the secrets of the game. It’s an experience that both children and parents will love. Make your own adventure! -Choose between 10 friendly characters -Explore 6 different settings -Travel on foot, by boat, in an air balloon or in a submarine -Discover countless animals and characters -Find the keys that open the secret treasure

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    iOS, Android
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    Adventure, Educational
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