Crossing Galaxies is a single player mid-core rescue mission in space where players will fly, fight, mine and explore a cozy universe. This is a thriving space inhabited by fantastic creatures waiting to be discovered, such as huge starworms, stellar jellyfishes or asteroid crabs. Some might be friendly, some will certainly be not. Each galaxy comprises a set of nodes linked by stargates that player must activate by collecting resources, defeating enemies and solving puzzles in order to progress. Crossing Galaxies, is in a nutshell, a user friendly space sim focused on exploration inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Starfox and Animal Crossing.   Crossing Galaxies: Starworm Raiders was designed and developed to test core fly and fight mechanics in a PvP minigame. It was played more 300 times by actual players during Tenerife Lan Party 2018 – a huge event in our island where indie developers can show their work at the Indie Zone. While this prototype does not include exploration, it shows how a single node of the galaxy would feel in the final game. Please note current footage represents PvP gameplay instead of the single player experience we aim for.

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    PC Windows, Switch
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    Action, Adventure
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