Those boxes are not going to deliver itself! As a worker in the “Cute Boxes” warehouse, you have to make sure all the orders are delivered in their destination. To accomplish that we have a simple working code: blue boxes, blue destination; yellow boxes, yellow destination. It seems simple, isn’t it? However, you better be careful and fast when the orders start to pile. The more boxes you deliver, the better reward you get. But, just between you and me, you may discover that there are several ways to make your job easier. Maybe you could change the color of the boxes with some sprays or just make them blow away, why not? Nobody will notice if you deliver 998 blue boxes instead of 1000. Sorry? What happened if somebody reclaims? Don’t worry, those are processing mistakes that everybody understands, no one is going to fire you for that. Just try to not collapse the conveyer belt and everything is gonna be alright. You can download Cute boxes in your IOs or Android device! :3

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