Be elusive! Be intense! Be constant! Put your reflexes to the limit in the Award Winning Arcade experience of the 21st century!   Debris Infinity is an award winning action packed game that puts your reflexes to the limit, allowing you to manipulate time itself to make impossible maneuvers, using an advance scoring system to rank your performance!   With 3 different single-player game modes you can test your skills in exciting scenarios: Fight against the clock in Time Attack, plan you attacks with precision in Power Wave or survive to earn the highest score in Normal mode.   Bring along a friend and enjoy the cooperative gameplay in all game modes, where one player act as the pilot and the other as the gunner: Synchronization is key!   Or fight in Versus Mode, where you can use enemies as weapons or bait, to confuse and defeat the other player!   Debris Infinity have been ranked 6th in the Top 10 Best-reviewed spanish games of 2018 by international media and it have been nominated in 4 categories of the DeVuego Awards 2018, granted to the best games of the Spanish industry: Best console game, Best sound, Best programmer (Sergio del Valle Clemente) and Best communication.   Test and improve your skills in the pulse-pounding experience of Debris Infinity!   Game Modes Take control and face one of the 3 challenging game modes available: Normal Mode: Get the maximum score against increasingly harder enemy attacks that will improve their strategy depending on how well you are playing. Time Attack: You have 3 minutes to achieve the highest score ever. Your ship will have infinite shields but each enemy impact decreases your score… you can end up with a negative score if you are not careful! Power Wave: Enemies will attack in waves and you are on a time limit! Each cleared wave awards you with a time extension so play smart to minimize time wasted, avoiding collisions, of course.   Scoring System There is an advanced scoring system that rewards precision and reflexes: Combos: Destroying enemies constantly without letting the Combo Meter to be depleted will increase the current combo and the score value of each enemy. Streak: Defeat enemies without receiving damage will increase the score multiplier. Being impacted reduces it. Reflex: Get a score bonus by having good reflexes and destroying enemies as soon as they appear. The longer they stay active, the smaller the bonus. Chains: Destroy enemies of the same color in groups of 4 to create a chain. Chaining rewards you with a bit of energy for slowing down time or launching a powerful hyperbomb. Make lots of chains and you will get a temporal bonus weapon or more shield. KEEP THIS IN MIND: Be elusive. Be intense. Be constant.   Multiplayer modes Find a friend, bring a gamepad and enjoy the multiplayer modes. You just need one gamepad and player 2 can use the keyboard and mouse! Although when the competition heats up 2 gamepads is the way to go! Coop: Are you both in tune with each other? Then bring it on! One player will be the pilot, managing movment and manipulating time. The other will be the gunner, controlling weapons and the ever-precious hyperbombs. But remember, both bombs and slowdown use the same energy reserve… Face all of the singleplayer challenge from a different perspective, working as a team! Versus: Two ships on screen, thousands of enemies approaching. Who will get the higher score? Use your ability and mind-games to pull ahead! Lure enemies into your oponent’s path! Or break his huge combo with a well-timed hyperbomb! And this is important: If the current winner dies, the loser just might survive long enough to surpass his record and win, so every point counts!   More features Up to 4K at 60 fps graphics for a full arcade experience. Slowdown time for daredevil moves. Different bonus weapons. Gamepad support (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps3, Ps4…) or use keyboard and mouse. Top Scores Ranking. Detailed configuration options for quality, resolution, sound… Multilanguage.

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    PC Windows, XONE, Switch
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    Action, Arcade, Shooter
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