DESOLATIUM is a Point&Click Immersive Graphic Adventure based on Lovecraft Mythos. It is full of puzzles and riddles that will have to be solved to advance, leading the player to multiple endings: every decision they make will determine their path, and their ending. The player will investigate and solve mysterious events while exploring a Lovecraftian universe, in order to find who is hiding behind all of the madness. It incorporates features of Survival Horror so that the player can live a unique experience, such as real settings, ambisonic sound (8D), a Lovecraftian narrative and hyper-realistic graphics, enriching the gaming experience. Desolatium can be played on a PC / Mac / Console or enjoy a more complete and intense experience with a VR device (Oculus or HTC Vive)

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    PC Windows, Mac, XONE, XBOX X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch
  • Genre
    Point and Click
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