Disembodied is an epicomical action adventure with puzzle and platform elements, starred by the lord of the underworld’s skull, Yorick Evergrim, and a nameless skeleton. As lord of the underworld, Yorick enjoyed an eternity of glory and power. But in the underworld, treason is tradition. Sick of him, his army rebelled and Claudius, his Commander, beheads him, steals his body and takes over his throne. After being exiled to the boundaries of the underworld, and with the only help of a clumsy skeleton, Yorick’s skull has to fight his way across the path that keeps him away from his castle and his former body to take revenge on the traitor. Unfortunately, this path is filled with the creatures that Yorick used to bully, and they will be glad to run into the old tyrant, turned into a helpless skull.

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    PC Windows, PS4
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    Action, Adventure