»Forgotten Fragments» is a 2D puzzle-platformer with a unique gameplay mechanics.
It has 2D pixel art graphics and beautiful animations.
Find the blue sphere orbs and return them to their original source. This would help restoring the balance of the world.
Once you return enough orbs you can face the final bosses of each world and try to recover the «Forgotten Fragments» (and maybe part of your memory with them).
But beware since it’ll not be an easy task.

«Forgotten Fragments» contains more than 150 levels wich can be played solo or cooperative and a handful list of final world bosses.

– Test your skills and beat all the levels
– Lots of secrets to unlock (including unlockable skins and levels)
– Unique game mechanics and easy reset of levels
– Trepidant final bosses to challenge in each world
– More than 150 levels combined between solo and cooperative campaign
– Great story that you’ll reveal

«Forgotten Fragments» will release soon on Steam and later on Nintendo Switch.

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    PC Windows, Switch
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    Platforms, Puzzle
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