FreezeME is a a 3D platformer in the style of the N64-era but wait there is a twist! The main character “R” has one special tool – a camera around her neck. This camera allows her to literally freeze the objects she photographs. This brown-eyed moppet with a camera around her neck is hot on the trail of her best friend, “M,” who has been abducted by the dastardly Fat the Cat that longs to create what he describes as a “Dog-Free-World”. How kidnapping M will help him with this goal remains something of a mystery, but R is determined to thwart him by rescuing M from his clutches. To enter Fat the Cat’s isolated lair where M is being held, R needs a special key. The key can only be forged from pieces of an ancient material which are yellow cubes. As R collects the pieces of this ancient material, she will unlock new areas and ultimately find enough pieces to assemble the key and enter the final boss’s lair to save her friend. FreezeME is available on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Wii U.

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    PC Windows, Mac, Linux, XONE, PS4, Wii U
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