The new chapter of the FUR Squadron saga:

Featuring a roguelite structure with skill trees that unlock abilities and stats.

Showcasing intricate, dynamic, and captivating landscapes and environments.

Huge bosses and fleets of enemy ships, on space, air and sea.

Shiny new weapons, offering more than just conventional guided projectiles. Get ready to wield a colossal power beam, multi-missile barrages, and a powerful nuke strike!

Our FUR Squadron pals are suiting up to have your back. Support can be summoned for reinforcement.

Real-world action! Some levels will be grounded in reality, feel free to discover the FUR Squadron universe.

Diving deep into dialogues, both in-game and between sessions. We’re letting you dive headfirst into the squad’s world, their stories, and the multiple challenges they face.

«Friendship» system with other characters, allowing for unlocking conversations and support skills.

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  • Platforms
    PC Windows, XBOX X|S, PS5, Switch
  • Genre
    Adventure, Shooter