‘Gestionet is a specialist in concetualization, development and implementation of gamification and simulation technology solutions for the education, entrepreneurship and business sector for the digital transformation of Organizations in all its departments, Human Resources, marketing, CSR, Communication, etc. Gestionet has 3 product/services lines: 1. Development of serious games or rental of licenses of our catalog’s products, directed to the educational world to work content and values: schools, professional training, universities and business schools, consultancy firms and continuous training centers. We develop customized products and we rent simulators or serious games of our catalog. 1.1 Business Simulators to strengthen competences and skills in business management and marketing. Catalog available in 1.2 Gamificate the teaching-learning processes in any educational stage with standard or customized multiplatform games to work any content area or transmit values, innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, tolerance, languages, basic skills, etc. 2. Development of entrepreneurship-oriented projects: 2.1 Development of projects to promote entrepreneurial culture in the educational word and in society in general. 2.2 Development of projects and actions to train future entrepreneurs through interactive workshops or the use of our simulators’s licenses in order to strengthen competences and skills to undertake and for decision-making. For this we have a wide range of entrepreneurship-oriented simulators: – Services EBT and Commerce EBT – Sustainability: The Island of Ideas. – Technology: Technology-based companies and Biotechnology. – Standard games for school and adult audiences through different game dynamics. In Spain we have clients as: Universidad del País Vasco, Universidad de Deusto, Universidad de Mondragón, Universidad Privada de Navarra, Universidad de Valladolid, Universidad Alfonso Décimo El Sabio, Universidad de Málaga, Universidad de Granada, Escuela de Organización Industrial, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Fundación Madri+d, Universidad de Zaragoza, Escuela Europea de Negocios (ESEUNE), Fundación de Cámaras de comercio, Fundación Incyde, Chambers of Commerce in Spain, BICs as Cein, Zaragoza Activa, Bilbao Ekintza, Fomento San Sebastián, Sodercan, Fundación Bancaja, Spri, Publishers as Ibaizabal, Edelvives, Edebé etc. 3. Gamification projects for the business world: 3.1 Advergaming : Their goal is to apply game dynamics to promote a brand, products, loyalty, increase online sales, viralize the web and social networks, carry out awareness campaigns for public entities, etc . In the last two years we have had a major success in the field of advertising, doing projects for Endesa, Iberdrola, EDP, Banco Santander, Laboral Kutxa, Eroski, Alsa, Fnac, BBVA. They are customized projects but we have developed a methodology and a technological base that allows us to replicate the 60% of the project internally. We have seen that in Colombia these products also fit in institutions and companies. 3.2 Gamification in Human Resources and internal communication: In the past year we are developing projects to gamificate (include game dynamics ) in the internal employee training, strengthen internal talent (encourage innovation ) and in this sense, we have achieved projects for Adidas, Ibercaja, Alsa, Avianca, etc.’

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