Grefuheroes is a strategy game based on geolocation in which you need to walk through the real world to move your avatar within the game. There is a distant land where five powerful families of heroes coexist who maintain a harmonious peace between them. Life there is peaceful and carefree, but once every 100 years an island emerges where tall towers with immense treasures appear inside waiting for someone to claim them. It is the moment of conquest !, from that moment, each family, sends to the island its 8 best warriors to ally with the «captains of other worlds» of 2 rival armies that appear on the island at the same time time that the towers and make them get the victory and return to their village as winners. The most powerful warriors of each family have trained very hard during the last 100 years, have overcome their own limits and are prepared to give the best of themselves and achieve the final triumph.

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    iOS, Android
  • Genre
    Adventure, Augmented Reality, Fighting, Strategy, Tower Defense
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