The world needs you! Ancient evil creatures are destroying the Pillars of Creation. The foundation of the world is at risk! Accept your destiny as The Chosen One, find the Arcane Rings, and summon powerful heroes that will help you to protect the world. We do not know how the Pillars were created. Some people say they are as old as the world itself, others think they were made by gods. There is no information about the Pillars of the Creation, but we all know one thing for sure: the destiny of the world is linked to them. We discovered the truth during the Pillars War. Hundreds of thousands of unknown creatures appeared from nowhere, and attacked the Pillars of Creation. We learnt then that destroying the Pillars would mean the end of the world. Our legends teach us the stories about brave heroes who stand up to the evil creatures, and defeat them. The legends talk about the Arcane Rings, powerful items the heroes wore, and gave them the strength to battle against their enemies. Hundreds of years has passed since the heroes defeat the dark army, and the legends have become tales for children. Most of us started to think these legends were just good and entertaining stories, but really far away for what really happened. However, these stories are about to become true… The evil creatures have returned… There is a war coming, but the old heroes are gone, and nobody remembers how to craft Arcane Rings again… But there is still hope. Our most ancient song talks about a powerful summoner who protects the world, one that can bring the heroes back, and forge Arcane Rings again. Are you the summoner we all expect? Would you help us? LIVE THE ADVENTURE Defeat the evil monsters, and discover the story of the Pillars of Creation. Complete the campaign to know more about the world. IMPROVE YOUR ITEMS Unleash the power of the ancient knowledge, and craft Arcane Rings. Improve your items, and help the heroes defeat the evil. THE WORLD IS ALIVE Dark forces do not rest. They may appear at any time, at any point of the map. Defeat them in the dynamic events, and get amazing rewards for your heroes. SUMMON POWERFUL HEROES Bring heroes back to protect the world. There are dozens of heroes waiting for your call. Equip them with the best items, and send them to battle. MAIN FEATURES – Summon different heroes, and create a powerful army – Live a true adventure, and discover the secrets of the ancient legends – Compete in the Player Vs Player modes. – Chat with other players. – All game modes can be played for free. – Sign in to Google Play Games or Game Center to save your progress.

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    Adventure, RPG
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