Help Tina the Bee and learn why bees are so important in this educational game Tina the Bee has to do its part in the hive… but all she wants to do is dancing! Learn everything about the bees in this educational game where you will help little Tina to find her place in the world. An engaging and heartwarming story, with 8 chapters full of entertaining minigames and fun facts aimed at raising awareness about the important role that bees play in the environment, and about looking after Nature. Discover why bees are the single most important animal on the planet and what you can do to save them in this educational app! – This project is supported by Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports – Back in 2018, bees were declared the most important animals on the planet by the EarthWatch Institute, which explained that life as we know it would not be possible without them: 70 out of 100 food products depend on their pollinating job. With the educational game Honey Tina and the Bees, children will have a great time learning fun facts about these important animals and the role they play in the ecosystem. They will practice their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills with games created and adapted for their age by a professional team guided by educators. And all of this while living a heartwarming story about personal growth and finding your place in the world, which reflects their own growth and maturity process, told by talented voice actors especially for your children. – Educational game app, developed under the guidance of professional educators – Help Honey Tina the Bee to overcome different minigames aimed at children from 5 to 8 years old – Learn through play in 8 chapters which will raise your children’s awareness of the importance of looking after the environment – Practice eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills with challenges especially adapted for their age – Get the 18 educational stickers which will explain how is the daily life of the bees – Enjoy a story told by talented voice actors

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