The exclusion social monsters have invaded The Earth. You are a Superhero with construction magic bridges ability. Your bridges can transform the social exclusion monsters in social inclusion actions. Go around the world, complete 11 scenarios and transform all the monsters to unlock the hidden treasure against social exclusion. 11 Countries scenarios 8 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Nepali, Vietnamese and Chinese) 6 Heroes Music and effects ON OFF *** The project Inclusion bridges is a social sensitization game around the causes of social exclusion in different countries. This game is the result of the Erasmus+ “Social Inclusion Out of the Box” project. Organizations from Asia, Europe and Latin America joined together to explore social inclusion through creativity. The project consisted of long-distance work and meetings in Spain, Peru and Vietnam. The aim was to learn, create links and to develop new sets of tools addressing social inclusion: viral videos, project website, toolkit and the game you are playing with now.

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