Instruments Sounds is the App of The Froggy Bands game. It is a tangible and digital game to learn about musical instrument. It is the winner of El Chupete 2018 award | DIGITAL GAME, XIV International Communication Festival, the best creative works with value, aimed at children. The Instrument Sounds App includes the names and sounds of 24 cute musical instruments of The Froggy Bands, classified by groups (musical winds, strings, percussions) and the game ‘BINGO SOUNDS’. Who will be the fastest at recognizing the sounds of the instruments in their cards? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: Acquire musical cultural competence Instrument’s auditory recognition with drawing Learn about Instrument Families of the Orchestra (wind, percussion, string, voices) Train memory and attention span Acquire musical vocabulary in English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese, and Italian. MAIN FEATURES: It combines the use of physical pieces (cards) and own interactivity of digital devices (smartphone, tablet) Enjoy with whole family or at school Works Without Internet. This app does not require an Internet connection to function We don’t store children’s information Without third-party advertising or in-app purchases Parental Control – we follow the COPPA law This app is designed for both iOs and Android

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