Welcome to Antiquonia: Internet not included In this classic point-and-click adventure, Sarah does not remember how she got to Antiquonia, but she has plenty of time to unravel the puzzle of her past as she explores the town where the Internet is not welcome. Intruder in Antiquonia has a captivating story with a good sense of humor. It is mainly a mystery drama with a bit of comedy to break the tension. Sarah is found on the roadside that leads to Antiquonia by Karim, the town’s ambulance driver. Karim loves a good mystery and will be particularly interested in helping Sarah out to see where the rabbit hole leads. Karim reports the case to Julia, the police officer, who will be personally invested since her boss is not too excited about the case. As the story unfolds, Sarah will meet several characters with their own stories and motivations. Like Samuel, who used to own a bar and now takes care of the garden for the nuns of the convent. Antiquonia will transport you to the enchanting region of Galicia, Spain, through the cloudy skies and antique buildings that convey a melancholic mood. As an example, the bar in town is half a bar and half a grocery store, a very traditional type of business that you can only find in the most traditional towns of Galicia.

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    PC Windows, Mac, Linux
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    Point and Click
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