IT IS NICE WHEN IT SNOWS, is a videogame where the main character is a small snowball that must travel through five different worlds and find the five souls of the spirits in order to free his friend from a horrible curse. For this, the snowball has got different abilities. Thanks to them, he will solve different puzzles and overcome all kinds of platforms and dangers. The player takes the rol of a small snowball into a Christmas tale. He will travel around amazing and impressive environments where the video game will be able to test the player’s ability to solve complex puzzles and advance through scenarios full of dangers. IINWIS is a game that mixes in equal parts the ability to overcome platforms and dangers from environments and uses the mind of the player to solve logical puzzles that require a reasoning effort. IINWIS references are games like Brain or Limbo.

  • State
  • Platforms
    XONE, Switch
  • Genre
    Platforms, Puzzle
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