It’s inspired on the bestseller ” The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. It will be a platform survival game. We will be able to find parto of a game where the visual skill is important and on the other side the user will be able to live the story of two characters (Father and daughter) fighting to survive. – Human greed has had no limits since many years passed. – Today is cold and grey, but no less so than yesterday. – I’m not sure what day or month it is, but I suspect it is September. – It all started when the world’s climate as we know it began to change violently at the hands of man. – Rivers and lakes dried up or became polluted. And with the water shortage, crops started to deteriorate. – Animals were the first living things to suffer, later, all humanity. – The world as we know it has been lost forever. – When food became scarce, everything collapsed, chaos took over. – A fierce struggle for survival began. – In a desperate attempt to save humanity, what was left of the authorities evacuated the young to makeshift camps outside the cities – Entire families were separated and parents were devastated at having to abandon their children. – They were never to be heard from again. – Meanwhile in the cities, people fought for the slightest hint of food. – Order was lost to be replaced by survival of the fittest . – And finally, due to despair, it happened……

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