Discover Loop – A relaxing & contemplative puzzler; where you and your companion travel through a mysterious, ethereal temple. During this cooperative Journey, you will traverse many riddles and face the ultimate enigma: can the endless loop be broken? Beautiful & Contemplative Loop will help you relax within beautiful and varied environments. The gameplay is centered in playing along with a Mentor which acts both as a reliable guide through the temple and as a faithful companion to discover the world with. The game narrative will take you through rich environments and unique and creative puzzles. The story is beautifully told without any dialogue, everything is visual. Features Colorful and unique art-style, beautiful minimalism focused on shapes, lighting and music Play along a Mentor companion who guides you through the temple Linear, relaxing and intuitive puzzles for everyone More than 40 contemplative unique levels during this journey Enigmatic narrative within varied Ambients & Rich Environments Unforgettable and immersive original soundtrack

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    PC Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Switch
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  • PEGI
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