“M. The City in the Center of the World”, continues the adventure of the characters we met in Nubla Episode 1 from the end of their boat trip (if someone wants to know more of their trip, you can download the app for iOS / Android entitled «The Islands of Nubla «). Once in the continent, they must begin their search for the City in the Center of the World, looking to return the memory to that world, now lost. But getting there will not be easy. The City is not a physical place: It is beyond the dreams and the trip will definitely be hard and dangerous for our characters, who now have not only Nubla to achieve their goal but with many other characters and inhabitants of that world will be finding in their way. “M. The City in the Center of the World”, as its predecessor, not only combines the narrative of the videogame and the concepts behind art and pictures in the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, but rather to tell us much more: If the recurring theme in Nubla was the search for identity and memory, now the subject of borders, time and space, which makes us all refugees in a world that is no longer ours will be the main theme of “M. The City in the Center of the World!”

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