Medieval themed clicker game, idle game where you will forge epic weapons with the great blacksmith Talkor and his legendary hammer! FEATURES ● This game is a rpg clicker game and it is based in a single input. Click with one finger, two or as many as you need so your blacksmith can forge weapons as fast as he can! ● Prestige system to accelerate the progress. ● Multiple materials to forge in your anvil, tons of epic medieval weapons to discover ● 6 new weapons per material, including legendary weapons! (Legendary weapons take some time to get discovered, so don’t be discouraged, you will eventually forge them!) ● An amazing gallery, so you can enjoy all the weapons you forge through the adventure whenever you want. ● Epic story that will make you feel inside this medieval fantasy world and make this adventure more real! ● Tons of upgrades for your blacksmith hammer, materials, etc to make your game experience even better! ● Loads of achievements to be completed during your adventure in the kingdom.

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    iOS, Android
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    Casual, RPG
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