WARNING! This game is for oculus Go! Heavily inspired by Pen & Paper RPG mechanics and enhanced by VR interactions this game allows you to explore an endless number of dungeons infested by crazed beasts and horrible monsters while you avoid traps and search for powerful weapons and magic relics. The setting of Mines of Doom: Arizona 1867 is a recently reopened gold mine where an ancient evil awakens. Get inside the mines of doom, avoid the traps, discover powerful weapons and relics, fight against the beasts that infest the mines and against the factions who want to control them in this packed action roguelite! 4 different classes 30+ weapons 20+ enemy types Deadly traps Magic weapons, items, and relics Endless hours of play 3 locomotion modes: teleport, dash, and free movement

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    Oculus Rift
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    Virtual Reality
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