“Moons Of Darsalon” is a 2D platformer retro style video game for PC and MAC (Playstation etc in the future).   Two enemy races are trying to get benefit from the natural resources of the moons of the planet Darsalon. You control a soldier of one of those races with the mission of rescuing your partners by leading them to the closest base station. To do this you will have to fight the enemies using laser guns, destroy and create ground to save the obstacles you will find, and control your colleagues by guiding them using voice commands.   All the characters “Moons Of Darsalon” are light sensitive, they need light in order to see and act the way they want, that is why the importance of using the flashlight and light gun.   Your colleagues have their own personality and the will obey your orders whenever they can but not in a blindly follow.

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    PC Windows, Mac
  • Genre
    Action, Adventure, Arcade