Unleash all your power! Make your way through the Mindaldus kingdom! Team up with the wickedest god! MORKULL! Venture yourself in this epic, bloody, savage and ironically funny epopee! Help Morkull, the little and detestable God of the Underworld, to take revenge for the continued bullying that he receives from the others gods! Let’s annihilate them all! (Lots of visceras and that disagreeable things). You will travel across the fantastic world of Midaldus, full of spots to explore, dangerous mysteries to unveil and a bunch of enemies that will test your skills! Reach the summit or die! (Morkull isn’t responsable of the lack of skill of the players). What makes Morkull special? By breaking the fourth wall, Morkull will communicate with the players throughout the game: He will guide us when we get lost, compliment us when things go well (reluctantly), and scold us if we mess things up! Morkull is a bloody and scatological metroidvania, full of fast-paced action and humour, uniques in his gender! Its unique 2D graphics with frame by frame hand-drawn animations! If you dont play this videogame, Morkull will know! Follow Morkull’s development!

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    PC Windows, XONE, PS4, Switch
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    Action, Platforms
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