In the colorful land of The Froggy Bands you’ll find 10 different musical bases with a lot of instruments, sounds to learn and many games for children, which will introduce them to the magical world of music. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: – Learning to listen and identify different instruments based on their sound – Learning to classify instrument families (strings, brass and percussion) – Practically learning the characteristics of various musical genres such as those for a classical orchestra, batucada, jazz, flamenco, beatboxing… – Associate instruments’ sound with their shape (auditory recognition) – Discover interesting facts about the instruments and musical genres through games – Acquire cultural and artistic competence OTHER FEATURES: – More than 40 different musical instruments to train memory and attention span – Musical vocabulary in English and Spanish – Play without Wifi or Internet – We don’t store children’s information – Without third-party advertising or in-app purchases – Parental Control – we follow the COPPA law

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