Help Captain Barnacles, Peso and Kwazii to rescue Dashi in a thrilling adventure where you must drive the GUP-A ship in the Octonauts underwater world and reach the Whale Shark overcoming all the obstacles that you’ll find in your way. To successfully end your adventure you must overcome 14 funny games until you free Dashi from the Whale Shark’s belly. Besides, you can play and overcome different levels of the games to complete the Octonauts cards album with 14 Gold Cards, 14 Silver Cards with all their vehicles and 104 cards with all the sea animals. Every time you go into this funny adventure you can find new cards hidden inside the chests that you’ll find in the bottom of the sea. CONTENTS OF THE APP • Catch all the animals pursuing them with the lens of your camera, but don’t let them escape. • Rotate the images until they are in the right place to see the image of this funny jigsaw puzzle. • Color all the Octonauts ships choosing the appropriate letter for each area. • Find the lost pieces in the bottom of the sea and rebuild the Octonauts ship. • Drive the GUP-A ship in the incredible bottom of the sea and avoid rocks, reefs and many other objects. • Use the coordinates to find the reefs and ships in this funny battle ship game. • Test your memory finding the pairs of animals with different difficulty levels. • The Hammerhead Sharks are very hungry and you will have to throw them Fish Biscuits to clear the way. • Do you know the animals and their habitats? Have fun and learn where does every sea animal live with a funny quiz. • Match coins by color with a classical arcade game • Trace numbers and letters to send the coordinates to the Octopod. • Solve the additions till you reach the Whale Shark. • Help Peso to check the health of the Whale Shark: examine it with the otoscope, examine its heart with the stethoscope, measure its temperature with the thermometer, take X-ray photographs and, above all, caress it to keep it calm. • Exit the Whale Shark’s belly solving these dark labyriths in a game of direction and orientation.

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