Ever since you set foot in the new school, that relentless “witch” has made your life miserable. It’s time she learned a lesson, and all you need is a pineapple.

In the coming weeks, you’ll orchestrate some ingenious pranks, strategically placing pineapples in her most unexpected and intimate spaces. You want her to question their mysterious appearance and realize the consequences of her actions. But be warned: she won’t be the only one in for a surprise.

An unconventional gaming adventure, PINEAPPLE combines a humorous storyline with delightful mini-games for an engaging experience This interactive tale weaves amusement, ease, and wit, unfolding a rib-tickling story about the quirks of bullying.

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    Early access
  • Platforms
    PC Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Switch
  • Genre
    Adventure, Casual, Minigames, Narrative, Puzzle
  • PEGI
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