Rarepixels is an indie game studio based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Its first game Planes Control was launched in Summer 2015 and has gained a remarkable positive reputation in the gaming world. Planes Control was the first shooting game in the market of path drawing games, full of breathtaking challenges and unexpected surprises. YouTube Trailer Its second game 2 Minutes in Space was launched in January, 2018 and got promoted by Google right after its launch. This free action and survival game will throw players into a world of endless space, full of dangerous objects and challenges. The mission is simple: just survive. YouTube Trailer Both games are available for free in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and French languages on iOS and Android devices worldwide. Rarepixels is working on 2 new games. One of them will be released this autumn.

  • Business name
    Rarepixels S.L.
  • Address
    Valois 18 - Local 1
  • Province
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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