In «Realms of Wilorth,» a retro-styled action roguelike, you guide the souls of sacrificed warriors across five different elemental-themed realms in search of the seeds of power coveted by a powerful sorcerer.

Combat is elemental-based, with each element having its own strengths and weaknesses. Nature slows enemies, water pushes them back, fire burns them, holy protects you with a shield, darkness steals life from opponents, and abyss doesn’t have any weaknesses or strengths ( or does it ? ).

Delve into five different elemental-themed realms, defeat the guardians that protect the seeds and retrieve those elements for yourself.

Play as the resilient Knight with his remarkable defense and shield, the slow but deadly Mage with his AoE magical attacks, or the nimble Rogue with her speed and ranged attacks.

With every level gained, choose a game-changing perk to help you along the way. Each map is procedurally generated, providing interesting replayability as you navigate through dungeons and challenge the guardians to retrieve the seeds of power.

Will you face the realm guardians to retrieve the seed or delve into the dungeons to challenge the dragon and retrieve valuable golden seeds? The choice is yours.

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  • Release year
  • State
    Closed beta
  • Platforms
    PC Windows
  • Genre
    Action, Adventure, Arcade, RPG
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