«ResCUBE» is a 3D cube maze and puzzle game. Its operation is very simple: you just have to take the yellow and purple cubes that you will find on the screen to the goals of the same color. To do this you will have to separate or use other gray cubes that you will find along the way, use elevators to go up and down floors, and above all use your wits. You will be able to undo movements and retry the levels as many times as you need. 100 levels that increase in difficulty and are divided into 10 rounds of 10 levels. Each round you will be presented with a new item that you will have to familiarize yourself with. From level 30 you will also be unlocked the possibility of playing a challenge every 24 hours of easy-medium difficulty, to decongest yourself and get extra coins. And the coins? When you complete a level you will receive some coins as a reward. If you need it, you can use help. Add cubes, remove cubes and see the map as it would be with the colored cubes in your goals. These aids cost an amount in coins that will be subtracted from the ones you have accumulated in case you use them. If you manage to complete all 100 levels, you will be assigned a «ResCUBE Master» code and status, which will give you exclusive, first-look access to future versions of the game.

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