SoulPath is a VR game that takes the player on an oniric travel through emotions. Experience joy, anger, fear and sadness playfully. Using a simple core mechanic, this game offers a wide variety of experiences. Joyfully grab flying objects in the skies, smash with anger what’s blocking you in a lava cave, face your fears with a calm hand and solve puzzles in the sea of sadness. Features . One mechanic, different gameplays. . Each level represents a different emotion. . Visuals, music and gameplay combine to transmit very diverse experiences. . Move body and soul to bring memory objects to consciousness and save them from oblivion. . A visual poem that is fun to play.

  • Release year
  • State
    Open beta
  • Platforms
    Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
  • Genre
    Narrative, Puzzle, Virtual Reality
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