A new worldwide adventure has come: creating your own world and sharing it with the rest of the players is simple and fun! Spoorky is pure competition: visit the creations of other players, try to beat their score, defend your position in the leaderboards of your creations… Hard work! Imagination is the limit; create buildings, decorate your world as you wish… Users will rate the difficulty and design of your creation. Do you dare to know if you are a good level designer? If the game the community likes your world, your level will be part of the weekly top: the hardest competition composed of the best levels of each week! Get ready: the highest positions of the classification will receive Platinum/Gold/Silver or Bronze Tails that will be displayed as a trophy in his profile to make clear who is the poork boss.

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    PC Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, XONE
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    Arcade, Platforms, Social