Tabletop Creator is everything you need to start designing, prototyping and playtesting your game idea. Create your different game components, customize them and export your game for getting a physical copy or for playing it online! Features Flexible Panels: Build your templates with panels of any shape and type: Images, text, QR codes, rounded corners, icons, mirrored values… Blueprint Editor: Design your templates once and quickly build components with them. Update them anytime and see your changes instantly. Collection Manager: Mass edit all your game components, organize them in sets in a global centralized view. Print and Play…: Get a printable PDF with proper bleeding, cut marks, foldable PnP, in any color format or paper size you want with just a click. … or Render and Play: Get your assets ready to import in a digital playtest environment like Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia in seconds.

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    Early access
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    PC Windows
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    Card game
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