Tap balloons to blast them all. Make color combos to get a highest score. Funny! Pop balloons! Tap on a balloon to make it explode. Blast them all and make color combos to get the highest score. This simple and funny game is a balloon popping party! Fun for all ages, from babies to adults. Play now! FEATURES: – Free! – Fun for all ages, from babies to adults. – Different special balloons! – No ads during gameplay. – Make color combos to increase your score! – Different game Modes. – Share your score with your friends at the social networks – A balloon popping party! GAME MODES: Game has three Different game modes to test your skills: Classic, Arcade and Challenge. – Classic mode: You start with three lives. Just pop blooms until you run out of lives! Don not tap the skull ones (Or it will be “Game Over”), and don´t let any other ballon escape! (It would cost You one live). – Arcade Mode: In this game mode there are no lives, but You have a time limit: Only 60 seconds to explode all ballons! Pop Frenzy! (Beware of skull balloons). – Challenge: In this game mode you have 90 seconds, and there are no skulls or lives. Just challenge yourself to reach the highest score before time is over! Pop ballons and take advantage of color combos!

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